Low-cost flights from Spain to the USA in summer 2017

Iberia flight lands at El Prat

LOW-COST transatlantic flights will be launched from Spain by International Airlines Group (IAG) in the summer of 2017. 

The group, formed from a merger of British Airways and Iberia in 2010, has announced that cheap flights from Barcelona to the United States will begin in June. 

Destinations will include Los Angeles and San Francisco. Latin America and Asia will also be on the cards, with no-frills flights to Buenos Aires, Havana and Tokyo. 


Flights will depart from Barcelona’s El Prat airport, where IAG’s low-cost Spanish airline Vueling is based. The conglomerate also owns Aer Lingus. 

The move comes amid a wider scramble for the emerging market for budget long-haul flights from Europe to Asia and the Americas.

Ryanair has publicly toyed with the notion of cheap flights to Newark but has yet to make any official announcements. 

Analysts believe the decision from IAG comes as a direct response to Norwegian, which recently announced it will operate cheaper flights from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Newark and San Francisco, also this summer. 


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