Celebrate Christmas while you still can

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BURNING BELGIUM: Another example of where complacency of the west has got us.

JUST when you thought you’d heard it all, another gem pops up. Last week some jobsworth or other, decreed that we should no longer address our school children as ‘girls and boys!’ Apparently, they inform us, labelling youngsters in this fashion can be ‘upsetting to children who may have transgender leanings.’

This bright idea of course comes hot on the heels of not running in the playground and wearing goggles plus crash helmet to play conkers! 

Of course, they haven’t managed to come up with any alternative titles for our poor beleaguered offspring. What about ‘bits,’ ‘no bits’ and ‘assorted bits’? Or perhaps ‘he’s,’ ‘she’s’ and ‘maybe’s’ might fit the PC acceptable bill. The mind truly does boggle. Honestly, where do they find these people? More to the point, who pays their wages? (I know I know, silly question.)


What I do find almost beyond comprehension is that adult people (persons) actually sit around tables seriously discussing these ridiculous directives. Personally I think they have a great job. I could think up all sorts of things to drive people (persons) around the bend. How about all of us wearing onesies and referring to each other as ‘IT’S’? Ah well. C’est la vie.

I see they are burning Christmas trees in Brussels. Belgium of course has the biggest Muslim population in Europe. For a number of years, their more radical leaders have been boasting Belgium would be the first country ‘to fall.’ I suppose the destruction of anything sacred to other religions is a natural progression. Yet another example of where the complacency of the west has got us. It’s all too late now of course. It was actually too late 20 years ago.

Ah well, let’s all wish each other a Merry Christmas, while it’s still considered acceptable and let us hope our future children will be allowed to do the same! (Don’t hold yer breath) 

Personally I’m off to Dublin for my Christmas sojourn. Can’t wait to see ‘em all. Bring on the black beer! Have a good one. Remember whose birthday we are celebrating.


Always Keep the Faith
Love Leapy
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  1. It would be an interesting experience Lee to attend one of these meetings. Just to see the Overpaid Idiots discuss this type of topic. I can only imagine what Gender they are to even give a thought to the subject they are on about..
    Can you imagine trying to describe to a teacher someone who you got in a fight with at school without being allowed to say He or She. Impossible.!!! Could go on forever about it But these Overpaid Pests are not worth it

  2. One has to ask how these ‘Do-Gooders’ and ‘Politically Correct’ people ever got to gain so much power in the U.K. They are turning the whole country on its head with their ridiculous ideas. But the main question is, why do people, especially councils and M.P’s, ever listen to them. They are turning the country into a pantomime with their stupid interfering. I often think they must have escaped from a mental asylum.

  3. I think a law should be passed in the UK where the Christmas period must be referred to as Christmas, any reference to it as a holiday period should be as Christmas then anyone who doesn’t or refuses to is fined… that’s all pie in the sky of course as that will never happen as the snowflakes and PC brigade have fairly much scared the government to bits 🙂 I guess this is what we get for being a welcoming and caring people, we get our culture wiped away by idiots who take advantage of that but then we are the idiots for letting this happen 🙂

  4. I agree Roy, I think the problem is these people are many of council members! I tend to be of the feeling now that MP’s listen to minorities and go with them and not the majorities, the majorities in the UK seem to be the silent ones while the minorities constantly try to push their cause.

    BTW, I don’t like the way we can no longer reply to other people’s posts, a step backwards as “reply to” allows some organisation in posters comments… maybe thats what is being avoided 🙂

  5. We “or most of us” are intelligent to know there are “boys” and “girls”, “males” and “females”, sadly there are some people in positions of power that allow the daft suggestions and wishes some male and female forms “that think they are different” come up with to be taken seriously! There is no other natural reference to gender in humans other than “male” and “female”, its just a shame those in power didn’t understand that!

  6. The problem with listening to minority groups stems from the Fact ONLY Minorities form Groups
    The Basic Male/Female who for sake of making point we will call Normal
    So we do not form “Normal Majority Groups” so giving the power over to the minorities
    You only have to look at Gay & Lesbian Groups to realise they have powerful Lobbying in Parliament & are listened to. No Doubt they are ones Lobbying against Straight Male/Female being called Boys & Girls//// They want their Genders to be itemized also !!!!!! Same with Muslims they have street leader. who answers to area leader who reports to Town Leader, onto County Leader & finally to their H/Q So with an hour one person in a street somewhere is having his complaint passed onto Parliament
    Normal standard UK Born English/Irish/Scottish have NONE of this : I rang up our Local Council & asked to be put through to Make a Complaint as Minority Immigrant had Threatened & swore at Old Lady Next door…. After Long wait & many people I was finally told they do not have Dept. that deals with White Local Born to enter a Complaint : Yet choice of Council Web in 63 Languages !!! Easy enough to test my story Do the Same to your Council if Live in


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