Green City: Madrid plots to put gardens on buses

PhytoKinetic bus in Catalonia

MADRID mayor Manuela Carmen has backed an innovative new project set to grow mini-gardens on top of the city’s public buses.

It is one of six proposals made by a select team of council workers charged with transforming the Spanish capital into a green example to the rest  of the world. 

Gardens would also be placed in bus shelters, be self-sustainable, and cost around €2,500 each. The first wave will see 130 installed around the city, and on buses on two key routes that incorporate key tourist sites. 

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The move wouldn’t be unique to Madrid – a company named PhytoKinetic has designed similar buses in Catalonia – but the capital would be the first to offer significant public funding to the idea. 

Madrid is also at the forefront of building new environmentally-friendly ‘smart’ buildings powered by their own ecosystems and with geothermically controlled temperatures. 

Much of this is a response to Madrid’s bad experiencewith air and traffic pollution in recent years, even having to close down roads over smog levels.



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