Youtuber in hot water


WHAT was meant to be an innocent joke on social media landed an Alicante ‘Youtuber’ with a slap across the face and could result in a court case.

The popular ‘Mr Granbomba’ has a strong following on You Tube for his videos making fun out of the public, but his latest ‘victim’ was not impressed and proceeded to slap him across the face.

The delivery driver is now taking legal action against Mr Granbomba for exposing him to an unwanted and uninvited amount of publicity. The man claims that despite his face being blurred out in the video, he has since gone on to become recognised as the video quickly went viral.


Although he said he appreciates the outpouring of support he has received, he has instructed lawyers to take action “against the person responsible for the damage caused.” His legal team said he has been “completely overwhelmed” by the situation which has led to a “personal and professional impairment and a flagrant violation of their right to honour and their own image.”

Following the controversy around the video and events since, ‘Mr Granbomba’ has now removed all videos from his You Tube profile except those made for charitable causes.


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