OOPS! Spanish parents are the most likely to lose their children over Christmas


CHILDREN’S Christmas holidays are fast approaching, and with them trips to shopping centres, theme parks, parades and all manner of activities to keep them entertained. This is when parents need to be especially vigilant, in crowded bustling areas. However, it seems that Spanish parents are more easily distracted.

According to www.jetcost.es as many as one in five Spanish families lose a child during the holidays. However, the majority are found up to eight minutes later. They carried out a survey studying family holidays in Europe, more specifically, families with young children. The study was carried out on 3000 parents; 500 of each nationality (British, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French. Over the age of 18 with at least one child between the ages of three and 10 who had gone on holiday in the last two years. 

The survey found that the top five places where children went missing were:


  • A Shopping centre.
  • A marketplace in a village or city
  • During the Three Kings parade
  • A Christmas theme park
  • The hotel where they were staying

In terms of European rankings, it seems the Spanish are most likely to ‘misplace’ their children. These are the percentages of parents who lost their children by nationality:

  • Spanish 22 per cent
  • Italian 20 per cent
  • German 19 per cent
  • Portuguese 18 per cent
  • British 16 per cent
  • French 12 per cent

A spokesperson for Jetcost has said “It’s difficult to keep your eyes on your children 24 hours a day during the holidays, and even harder in crowded areas. However if parents need a break to relax and enjoy the holidays, leave your children in nurseries as they will surely enjoy that more than shopping.”


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