Wet weekend sparks nasty memories in Almeria


AN extremely wet weekend in Almeria brought back nasty memories of the 2012 floods for many, but luckily was far less violent.

Although almost 100 litres per square metre of rainfall were registered in many parts of the province and emergency services dealt with more than 200 incidents in the Levante, Almanzora and Alboran Coast areas, nobody died in the rains this time round, the authorities reported.

The heavy rain did however cause some panic as locals’ minds went back to the floods of four years ago and the police rushed to evacuate ground floor homes in areas where water was gathering. Garages, basements and homes flooded, roads had to be closed to traffic due to landslides and floods and 40 people across the province were rescued from their cars, which had become stuck in water in Nijar, Pulpi and Roquetas de Mar. 


More than 100 people were left stranded in Las Herrerias (Sorbas) and La Muleria (Cuevas del Almanzora) as their access lanes across normally dry streambeds were turned into torrents of water.

In Vera, the police decided it was better to be safe than sorry and had everyone in ground floor homes evacuated, leaving patrols on duty to avoid looting. Meanwhile in El Ejido, 40 workers needed help from the Guardia Civil to leave a warehouse which was flooded.

In Almeria City there were various reports of flooding, fallen trees and street signs and the Rambla del Charco in Costacabana had to be closed off, leaving local residents stranded.


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