Roads closed and school cancelled in Orihuela due to continuing rain

© Ayuntamiento de Orihuela
Emergency shelter Virgen de la Puerta School

AS THE rain continues to fall heavily across the Costa Blanca, the emergency committee of the council in Orihuela met on December 18 to discuss how best to ensure the safety of inhabitants.

A number of roads have been closed and it has been decided that schools will not open tomorrow December 19 as the potential risk to students, parents and staff is too great and all sporting events have also been cancelled.

The council is encouraging people to stay indoors but if they have any serious problems of flooding or are caught outside in the rain they should call the emergency number 112 and wait for assistance.


In addition, those using social media are asked not to post images from other parts of the country or of previous floods as some people may be worried that the images represent the current situation which is both misleading and potentially dangerous.

In case of serious flooding problems which require evacuation, the Red Cross has prepared emergency shelter at the Virgen de la Puerta School in Orihuela.


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