Put to the vote

© Vilamarxant town hall
BOU EMBOLAT: Public turning against this version of bull-running.

PEDREGUER is all set to go ahead with its ballot on bull-running in next year’s fiestas.

The town hall, controlled by the Compromis party, is organising a mini referendum which will ask townspeople if they want bou embolat and bou encaixonat.  

These are bull-running’s two most controversial versions that involve fixing burning brands to the bull’s horns in the first place or penning the animal in a small, dark container in the second.


There is no question of eliminating bous al carrer which are inseparable from from fiestas in Pedreguer which is known as the ‘Cathedral of Bull-running.’

The referendum is open to all residents over 16 and votes can be cast between January 9 and 15 via the internet or left in the ballot boxes provided by the town hall.  These were requested by the Passio pels Bous bull-running association which pointed out that many older residents have neither mobiles nor an internet connection.

At least 25 per cent of the local population will have to vote for the outcome of the ballot to be binding.


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