Prison sentence for PC pimp

VELEZ-MALAGA: The accused was renting out a club devoted to prostitution.

A National Police officer has been sentenced to a year and nine months in prison for running a brothel in Velez-Malaga. Two other men who helped run the club were sentenced to one year and three months each.

The Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police suspected that the accused was renting out a club which was devoted to prostitution. The officer’s phone was tapped and the investigators were able to determine that he was working with two other men. Together, the three of them had set up a sex club. They then profited from the operation by employing women as prostitutes and pocketing large amounts of their earnings. 

The women were put up in the club, which was disguised as a cheap hotel, and were forced to pay €50 a day, regardless of whether they slept there or not. They were paid for their sexual interactions with clients, although the exact amount they received fluctuated from one night to another.


The women were given strict rules and were fined if they failed to adhere to them, thereby creating an environment in which they constantly feared for their job security. 

Overall, there were 26 rooms in the club and at least seven women working there, the majority of whom were Romanian. 


  1. I used to think the police were there to stop these crimes from happening but when I came to Spain I soon realised a lot of the crime were committed by the police, from drug rackets, sharing out confiscated goods and now running a prostitution ring.. the things you expect from third world country police and not those from a country that is a member of the EU… but again, what would one expect when the EU has corruption at its heart! 🙂


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