Rain and storms continue to make life difficult in the Costa Blanca

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Some of the problems in Murcia

THE strength of the rain and the wind that has beset the Costa Blanca has caused chaos and destruction in addition to the previously reported sad deaths of two individuals.

With reports of heavy flooding across most of the region, emergency services have been doing all that they can to ensure to ensure the safety of individuals and have closed roads where they consider that the flooding is too dangerous to allow traffic to pass.

Although some roads in Murcia have been re-opened, local police are warning that there could well be hidden hazards as manhole covers have been lifted by rising sewer water and cars could easily have a tire trapped.


In addition, partly because of the annual attack of palm weevils, a number of trees have been downed due to strong winds and water flow, blocking some roads and there is still the possibility that additional trees could fall as the night continues.

With 95 litres per square metre of rain measured in l’Orxa, the precipitation is higher in the north of Alicante than in the south although this doesn’t mean that any part is having it easy and there have been numerous reports of individuals being rescued from cars which have been caught in the floods with drivers trying to leave their cars and then being knocked over by the flow of water.

Residents will have to try to remain indoors on the night of Saturday December 18 and hope that the rains will abate and that their properties will be safe.    


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