Long-time bank robber arrested in Madrid by National Police

Items seized from the robber.

AN extremely dangerous habitual armed bank robber has been arrested in Madrid by quick-witted officers of the National Police.

Having recognised that this man, who has a history of robbing banks going back to the 1970s, was responsible for at least 14 bank robberies in Madrid in a single year, after he failed to return to prison in 2015, the police constructed a profile of the 62-year-old known as Antonio PC and believed that they had pinpointed an area in which he was likely to be living.

Knowing that he had a record of using firearms, including a submachine gun and having shot one bank worker previously, officers ensured that they undertook discrete surveillance of the area which they were convinced he would be in.


This man who has no family ties but is described by the National Police as being extremely clever and has a natural instinct for spotting police officers was finally seen in the area and was arrested without challenge by plain clothes officers.

Upon his arrest, he complained that the officers were undercover as if they had been in uniform he said that he would have shot them.

He was found to be in the process of being on his way to rob another bank as he was carrying a knife, a gun with ammunition and a card which stated “THIS IS A ROBBERY, keep calm and do what I say.”


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