Royal Family Christmas image causes some controversy on Twitter

@CasaReal Twitter
Royal Family Christmas photo.

A SIMPLE image on the Twitter page of King Felipe showing himself, Queen Letizia and the two princesses with the Infanta Sofia being much on trend wearing a festive reindeer jumper has caused some controversy in social media.

Following the tradition of many heads of state and monarchs around the world, King Felipe simply published the picture on his Twitter page to send everyone Christmas greetings but the response has not presumably been what was expected with responses ranging from show a religious image to the three million unemployed who subsidise you send their best wishes. 

It wasn’t all negative however as others decried the criticism and sent the Royal Family their best wishes in return.



  1. So many people can always find something to moan about these days. To complain about this photo is really sickening in extreme. What is wrong with it? If the king wishes to send a Christmas message to the country it should be greeted with thanks, not criticism. In situations like this I really despair at the negativity of some people these days.


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