Boris Johnson was right about Saudi

HUMAN RIGHTS: Their record is atrocious.

BORIS JOHNSON was 100 per cent correct with his ‘proxy wars’ remarks regarding Saudi Arabia. It is merely another example of the deed this nation does best of all – delegate.

Having lived among them for some eight years I can categorically state that, in my opinion, they are the most arrogant hypocrites on the planet. If they were not floating on a sea of money, they would be fighting for survival, and probably losing!

Instead, sitting in their ivory towers they get everyone else to do their dirty work for them. Cashing in on the fact that this world is run by greed, money and the resulting power it brings, they continue to get away with just about everything.


Their human rights record is atrocious. The only difference now, is that Koreans, Pakistanis, Somalis, Filipinos, etc. get paid, but generally a mere pittance.

Homosexuality is a topping offence, yet the country is rife with men so highly sexed nothing is safe from their amorous intentions. (I was propositioned at least once or twice a day; but I was much prettier then!)

They insist on building mosques all over the world, but refuse to allow any trace of alternative religions in their country. Alcohol is banned yet, when I was there, they were the biggest importers of Johnnie Walker Whisky in the world.

In Jeddah they have the largest canvas-covered area in the world. All air conditioned and able to accommodate over a million people. How many refugees could this area accommodate? Ha! No, I’m afraid money buys it all my friends and they have enough to purchase everyone. On our own subservient heads be it.

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  1. I agree with your observations and can honestly say things are as you say. I have worked in Saudi for four years and I have witnessed the hypocrisy, arrogance and ignorance on daily basis. They claim to be pious but are the furthest away from the teachings of the religion they supposedly ascribe to. As a Muslim I can genuinely say that aside from the mosques, and the clothes they wear (all superficial stuff) there is NOTHING Islamic about Saudi Arabia. They worship money and power and are the first to compromise their so-called values and shamelessly and systematically oppress others whilst presenting to the world a different face.

    You should publish your article in other platforms too. It is always interesting to hear what others have experienced in person rather than based on assumptions.


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