Nightclub magnate hires private jet to transport his dogs from Spain to Italy

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FOUR lucky dogs will enjoy an all expenses paid trip from Spain to Italy, and they won’t even have to put up with any pesky humans. 

Nightclub magnate Peter Stringfellow loves his pups so much that he has decided to treat them to their own private plane, which will chauffeur the dogs from Stringfellow’s residence in Spain to a new location in Italy. 

Stringfellow, 76, currently lives back and forth between London and Mallorca, but he has decided to trade in his Spanish estate and set up shop in Puglia, Italy. Until he finds a new holiday home there, the four dogs will be lodging with his sister-in-law, who operates several kennels. 


Stringfellow is a keen dog lover who has made it clear that he wants nothing but the best for his two chihuahuas Cindy and Ollie and his two yorkies Rocky and Millie. As the dogs embark upon their new lives, they will be treated to all of the finest perks that private travel has to offer. The pampered pooches will have their own

stewardess and will be greeted by VIP escorts at each end of the flight. Stringfellow eventually intends to hop on an EasyJet flight and head over to Italy, where he will be reunited with his beloved dogs. 

‘The dogs have spent their lives in Mallorca and wouldn’t like English weather. They live better than I do. They were all born in Spain, but speak very good English,’ he joked.

Stringfellow is one of the biggest names in English nightlife. He owns both the Covent Garden club and Angels in Soho and reportedly pays himself a salary of £1 million annually from the revenues of his clubs. He has two adult children from former marriages and two infant children from his most recent marriage to his third wife Bella, a former ballerina.


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