Killer dogs taken from owner

Child Mauled By Dog in Spain’s Valencia
Child Mauled By Dog in Spain’s Valencia Image: File photo, EWN

SIX dogs that caused the death of a Pinoso pensioner last October have been taken from their owner’s care.

The Boxer-American Staffordshire terrier crosses belonged to a neighbour in the rural El Faldar area and set on 73-year-old Jose Selles after escaping from their enclosure.  He was savagely bitten and dragged 20 metres along the ground, dying in hospital some days later from shock and his injuries.

The dogs were recently moved on the orders of Pinoso town hall to a specialist centre where their food and veterinary care must be met by the owners.  The Novelda court investigating Jose Selles’ death will ultimately decide whether they should be put down.


Meanwhile it was essential to ensure that the dogs could not escape and put other lives at risk, explained the town hall which moved them following a request from the dead man’s family.  The dogs were not entered on the Dangerous Animals Register and their owners had neither licences nor civil liability insurance, the family claimed.  

Although Pinoso’s Policia Local carried out periodic checks on the enclosure where the dogs remained after the attack, they escaped twice more and the Guardia Civil were informed on each occasion.


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