Gibraltar delegation appears before House of Lords committee

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Gibraltar delegation in the House of Lords.

APPEARING before the House of Lords Select Committee for Europe on Tuesday December 13, Fabian Picardo, Chief Minister of Gibraltar told the committee that it needs to be able to retain access to the single market regardless of the actions of the United Kingdom, if necessary by considering the possibility of a micro-state relationship with the EU, within the UK’s wider negotiations.

In the company of Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia and Attorney General Michael Llamas, he went on to explain that 96 per cent of voters in Gibraltar had made it clear that they wished to remain part of the EU and that despite continued Spanish calls for sovereignty, free movement across the border was important not only to Gibraltar but to the Campo as so many Spaniards cross daily for work.

In a detailed exchange which fully explained the preferred position of Gibraltar, Mr Picardo invited committee members to visit Gibraltar to see the situation for themselves.



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