Man arrested for allegedly murdering his mother and sister in Sevilla


THE GUARDIA CIVIL in Sevilla has arrested a 34-year-old man for allegedly stabbing his mother and sister to death. 

The incident took place on Monday December 12 in the municipality of Arahal. The police received a phone call reporting an aggression at around 5pm. They were dispatched to a residence in the El Altillo neighbourhood, where the accused apparently lived with his mother and sister.

Upon arrival, the officers discovered the bodies of both women, who were 57 and 35 years old, respectively. They had been stabbed multiple times. 


The accused had stabbed himself in the abdomen with the same knife which was used in the murders. The man, who reportedly has problems with substance abuse, was attended to by emergency workers and then taken to a hospital. 

Police sources have indicated that the man had no previous criminal record, although the mother reportedly went to the Local Police on several occasions in regards to her son’s erratic behaviour. 


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