Madrid restaurant launches Anti-Brexit menu


IN a bid to show Brexiteers just what they’re missing, a Madrid restaurant has decided to serve an Anti-Brexit menu.

The selection is made up of products from nine countries in the European Union. It has been designed to serve as a reminder of the high standard of cuisine available in the EU and to provide some comfort to Brits who feel that they cannot afford all of their favourite European products owing to recent price hikes in the UK. 

The restaurant, Metro Bistro, has two locations in the centre of Madrid. Chef and owner Matias Smith pointed out that “our two restaurants are very near to two of the most iconic tourist spots in Madrid, the Plaza Mayor and the Plaza de España.”


Smith indicated that a large part of his clientele are British tourists and that Brexit has been one of the main topics of conversation amongst diners this year. Smith claimed that the lion’s share of his customers wanted to remain in the EU. He reported that many of them have said that they are less likely to shell out for EU products as a result of higher prices following the Brexit referendum. As a result he struck upon the idea of serving a menu which contains some of the very best the EU has to offer. 

The menu includes products and wines from nine EU countries, including traditional dishes from France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and of course Spain, as well as German, French, and Portuguese wines. He did however, indicate that they have included a delicious English dessert so that they don’t completely scare off any British customers hungry for something a little closer to home.


  1. What nonsense. When they say the majority what they mean they are ex pats living there… of course they didnt want to leave, but the majority in England did…..personally I wouldnt eat there as I find it offensive that brexit is being degraded if thats the right word in this way…..think if they are trying to entice holidaymakers in this way they may have come unstuck

  2. Of course before 1973 when the UK joined there was no French wine, no French cheese, no Pasta anywhere in the UK ! And you had to pay hundreds of pounds and wait six months for a visa to visit France, and no wealthy Brit had a castle in Tuscany ! Why do the [i]Remoaners[/i] talk such rot. Everyone knows what it was like before.


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