House of Lords to review Gibraltar and Brexit

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The Rock of Gibraltar.

THE House of Lords European Union Committee announced on December 8 that it will launch a new short inquiry on the implications of Brexit for Gibraltar.

The inquiry will examine:

Reaction in Gibraltar to the referendum.


Gibraltar’s existing relationship with the EU, and how it is likely to be affected by Brexit.

The risks and opportunities that Brexit will present for Gibraltar.

The impact of Brexit on Gibraltar’s relationship with Spain.

Gibraltar’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit.

The structures for communicating Gibraltar’s concerns and priorities to the UK Government as negotiations proceed.

On Tuesday December 13, at 12 noon, the Committee will hear evidence from the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, The Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, the Deputy Chief Minister of Gibraltar and the Attorney General of Gibraltar then further evidence will be taken in early 2017.

Although the Committee is not issuing a formal Call for Evidence, it welcomes any submissions on the above issues and any other related matters of interest. Any such submissions should be sent to [email protected] by January 16, 2017.


  1. S
    So why is evidence NOT required in this process ? Is this a authentic piece of ‘news ‘ ? What an insult to the people of Gibraltar – does this mean the mealy mouthed UK political objects masquerading as politicians, in Government, have already decided on a plan for Gibraltar.? Evidence is needed – Gibraltar was ceded ‘in perpetuity’ under the Peace of Paris of 1782, when Briitish Empire ceded Menorca and Florida to Spain in exchange on the same basis. Read the evidence !


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