Held in sexual slavery

ROMANIAN WOMAN: Was held in horrific conditions and forced to work in brothels.

A ROMANIAN man has been arrested and charged with holding a woman in horrific conditions akin to sexual slavery, pimping her out for more than eight years while maintaining a twisted psychological stranglehold over her. 

This week the woman, also Romanian, finally worked up the courage to contact National Police and tell them that the 41-year-old suspect had forced her to work in brothels in Ibiza and Girona by threatening her and the daughter they shared.

She had fallen for his pretence that he loved her and cared for the child they had shortly after they met in 2008, but he quickly jettisoned the charade, revealing himself to be a malevolent force determined to live the high life at the expense of her body. 


Police found the man with €20,000 in cash and a luxury vehicle despite having no job and are investigating claims that he held another woman in similar circumstances. The 30-year-old victim and her daughter are in care and receiving counselling. 


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