Florists blooming mad about street selling

STREET SELLERS: Hawking flowers at bargain prices.

A NEW app will allow Alicante City business owners to report instances of illegal street selling to the Local Police. Specifically, there will be a focus on the illegal sale of flowers and plants, an issue which is currently taking a bite out of local florists’ wallets. 

Council members recently met with representatives from local florists’ associations to discuss the issue. 

At the meeting, the florists explained that they have suffered significant losses in the last five years due to people wandering the streets and hawking flowers at bargain prices. The florists have insisted upon greater controls over this activity to prevent further damages to their livelihood.  


Security councillor Fernando Marcos indicated that the council is committed to dealing with the problem swiftly and efficiently. Marcos indicated that a new app will be available “very soon.” Florists will then be able to contact the Local Police directly when they see illegal street selling occurring and the officers will swoop in and fine the offending parties.

Another meeting is expected to take place after Christmas to discuss the issue in more detail.


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