Beach bars in hot water

BURRIANA BEACH: Home to some of the most famous chiringuitos.

BURRIANA beach, in Nerja, is the home of some of the most famous chiringuitos (beach bars) in Malaga Province. Although many of these establishments have been operating for a half-century, the last time they were officially awarded long-term concessions was in 1999, for a period of 10 years. 

Following the expiration of those concessions the council had the option of extending them on a yearly basis. Nerja’s previous governing team, led by PP, chose to extend the concession every year between 2010 and 2015. However, the current council, led by the tripartite government of PSOE, IU, and EVA-Podemos, announced last June that this year they would be put out to tender once again. 

However, this process may now be postponed, as the Beaches Council has reportedly detected ‘numerous irregularities’ in the concessions of six of the beach bars on Burriana Beach. They also allegedly lack opening licences, do not comply with accessibility regulations, and lack an updated goods inventory.


Beaches councillor Cristina Fernandez (EVA-Podemos) stated that “it is a very serious situation.” She claimed that the previous PP council should be held accountable for the improper management of the concessions over the last 15 years. She also argued in favour of an external audit. 

In a statement, ex-mayor Jose Alberto Armijo (PP) indicated that when the irregularities were explained in further detail, PP representatives would take a stance on the subject. However, Armijo anticipated that the supposed irregularities would not be attributable to the previous PP council. 

PP council members have also argued that putting the beach bars out to tender in the midst of the town’s economic recovery will lead to unnecessary complications for the council. 


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