Mayoral offices’ role in crime reporting

© Ayuntamiento de Marbella

Residents of San Pedro de Alcántara and Las Chapas in the Marbella municipality will now be able to report a range of crimes and civic nuisance issues through the offices of the mayor, following the closure of the former police station.

The aim is to allow people to report issues such as excessive noise, damage to private property, accidents and petty thefts without going to the main headquarters of the police service.

The initiative not only meets the demands of residents for somewhere to be allowed to report such offences, but also means populations which are greater than the centre of Marbella are being catered for.


The same service has already been operating in the Sampedreña area for three months.

Once the complaints have been filed they will be passed on to the relevant police force.

This process, said Councillor Javier Porcuna, who is not only in charge of tourism and events, but also public safety, means central government can then collate updated crime figures on which grant aid for regional police service funding depends.


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