Combined operation stops production of high quality fake euro notes


A VERY efficient counterfeiting gang, which was manufacturing fake euro notes in Naples and then distributing throughout much of Europe through official couriers, has been smashed thanks to cooperation between the Spanish National Police, Italian Guardia di Deposit, French anti-counterfeiting office in France and Europol.

This combined operation has seen the arrest of 28 individuals, 15 of whom were in Spain, eight in Italy, four in France and one in Portugal plus the seizure of vehicles, fake bank notes, printing machinery and documents.

The National Police alerted the other parties when officers came into possession of one of the dispatches of fake notes and it was soon realised that the leader of the gang spent a great deal of time moving between Italy and Spain, advertising the fake notes at discounted prices via the secretive ‘Deep Web’ often used by criminals, paedophiles and terrorists.


Apart from notes which were being printed when officers raided the factory, some €120,000 in cash including €10,245 in Spain was discovered as the raids, which included eight houses scattered around Spain, took place.



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