The (not so) wild ones


BIKER gangs are famous for either racing across the open highway at breakneck speeds, or purring through small villages at attention-seeking noise levels. Four members of a local Mallorca biker club, however, were shocked to receive traffic fines for going too slowly on the Puig Major road. 

Each of them was hit with a €200 penalty for riding at an unrebellious 36kph on the stretch, at a section where the speed limit is 90. The speeds were clocked by a road radar in September but the members deny they would ever travel so slowly, and aren’t just saving face.

Authorities are investigating after another rider, not part of the gang, also received a €200 fine for also zipping along at precisely 36kph just half an hour previously, though on a 125cc scooter. The bikers reckon that can’t be a coincidence and argue the machine must be faulty, after all they have a reputation to uphold. 




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