Phony passports stamped out

Alicante-Elche airport.

SIX people were caught at Alicante-Elche airport allegedly attempting to sneak into the United Kingdom using fake passports and false documentation.

Five of them were from Iran, and the other was Moroccan. Several of them were travelling with children. Among the accused are a mother who was with her 13-year-old son, as well as several parents travelling with a three-year-old child. All of the accused were allegedly in possession of phony passports which indicated that they were citizens of such countries as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. They were caught while attempting to board separate planes which were headed for different cities in the United Kingdom. 

Police and airport workers became suspicious when they noted that some of the travellers’ faces seemingly did not match the photos on the documentation that they had presented.


The six people are now accused of the various crimes including falsification of documents as well as violation of Spanish immigration laws, as they had been living in the country illegally. 



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