Spanish rescue 92 migrants in five makeshift boats

Spanish coastguard vessels are frequently called on to rescue migrants

Ninety-two migrants have been rescued in rough seas off the Spanish coast in an operation described as “complicated”, by maritime officials.
The rescue took place on Saturday around 50 miles off the southern coast.
Among the group were three women and at least two children, one of them a boy who was taken to hospital.
The group, made up of 29 Algerians and a further 63 from sub-Saharan Africa, were taken to the port of Malaga.
In another operation, 22 migrants were found hiding in a lorry as it tried to enter Melilla on Saturday.


  1. Criminal Illegal economic migrants – send them back! Why should hard pressed Spanish taxpayers have to bear these costs & the costs of accommodating and feeding them!

  2. The migrant crisis which began as an humanitarian gesture to help Syrians fleeing their war has turned into a massive criminal industry. Trafficking gangs get paid by anyone who fancies the idea of living in Europe. The gangs put the migrants in leaky boats telling them to use their mobilies to send out destress calls so they get picked up and brought to Europe by our own navy where they get accommodation and money. And Europe is too blind to see the danger given the hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia seeking a better life. Unless someone says enough is enough and either stops the boats from leaving or immediately sends the migrants who are not genuine refugees back to North Africa or the Middle East, we face a never ending crisis.

  3. You cant say that its racist! LOL How do you think we feel here in the UK? We are going under with the pressure, we cant house our own yet we can find homes for them, our NHS is sinking yet they can get as much treatment as they need whilst our operations are cancelled time and again, councils are now having to put more money into housing them whilst reducing care homes for our elderly…and so it goes on, schools, Drs etc. Damn disgrace


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