It’s rice, rice, baby

ALICANTE: Will be known as the City of Rice.

ALICANTE CITY officially has a new guidebook, a new logo, and a new slogan, and rice is the common ingredient.

Alicante, City of Rice is the phrase which will now be featured on new promotional material for the city. Much of this material will be distributed in tourism offices, including a new guidebook, which will have an initial print run of 5,000 copies. 

The guidebook contains information about rice, as well as 17 recipes for different rice dishes typically associated with Alicante. Simple steps will make it easy for readers to whip up the dishes in their own homes. The guidebook also includes an introduction by renowned Basque Chef Martin Berasategui, who has described the rices of Alicante as “living history.”


Council members struck upon the new strategy after recognising that Alicante is particularly noted for its rice dishes. Hoping to take this fame one step further, the city now intends to make rice a regular feature of the town’s promotional strategies. The council is aiming to drum up further interest in the campaign through various social networks. 

Mayor Gabriel Echavarri has also announced that he would like Alicante to host a contest revolving around rice, which would represent a sort of ‘Oscars of Rice.’


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