Travellers face filthy airport terminals as cleaners stage strike


Shocked travellers were met with rubbish strewn over the floors at Barcelona´s El Prat Airport after a strike by cleaning staff.
Terminals T1 and T2 were left uncleaned after days of action by the airport’s cleaners who staged a series of noisy rallies in the complex.
A number of travellers took to social media describing the filth as a health hazard while others spoke of walking past rubbish bins piled high with waste and the remains of discarded foodstuffs.
The union representing cleaning staff has threatened further action nearer Christmas in its dispute with the airport operator AENA.
Nearly 40 million travellers used the airport last year which is the second largest in Spain.


  1. Again, just goes to show how untidy the general public is to have so much rubbish on the floors ! One only needs to look at the litter on streets…


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