Cambridge café refuses new five pound note over ‘animal content’

Bank of England

The owner of a vegetarian café in Cambridge is refusing to accept the new £5 note as payment because it contains animal fat.
On online petition signed by more than 120,000 people calls on the Bank of England to withdraw the new note until it can be made without tallow, which is derived from animal waste.
But the note has incensed Sharon Meijland, who owns the Rainbow Café on King’s Parade in Cambridge.
She told the BBC customers were being advised that the new fiver, Britain´s first polymer note, will not be accepted.
The Bank of England has previously said it is working with the supplier of the notes to find a solution to the tallow issue.
The man who invented the polymer note, Australian Professor David Solomon, is said to have described the concerns of those protesting about its animal fat content, as “stupid”.


  1. Refusing the new five pound notes is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. These ‘veggie’ lovers often come in contact with other products that contain traces of animal fat but they do not complain.
    This whole farce is stupid, and these people must learn to accept it just as they accept other products with animal fat. I sometimes think the majority of British people are nothing more than idiots without a brain in their heads.


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