Authorities warn of bad weather approaching as orange warning reinstated

LIGHTNING STORMS: Expected this weekend in Malaga and Huelva.

CIVIL Protection and the Ministry of the Interior’s Emergencies Department has issued warnings for this weekend due to heavy rain in Andalucia and strong winds in the Canary Islands forecast by the State Weather Agency (AEMET).

Particularly heavy rain is expected in Malaga and Huelva provinces, where amounts of around 30 litres per square metre are expected in an hour. Heavy rain is also expected over the weekend in Cadiz and Sevilla, AEMET reported, while the Canaries may see winds of up to 90 kmph.

The authorities have issued the following safety recommendations for those affected by bad weather:


In heavy rain

  • If driving, slow down, take extreme care and do not stop in places where large amounts of water could gather.
  • If you must travel, use main roads and motorways whenever possible.
  • In the case of sudden storms and heavy rains, think before you park. Fast-rising water levels could lead to damage of vehicles in areas prone to flooding and could also sweep them away, causing damage to property or even blocking the flow.
  • If it starts to rain very hard, think of flood risks. Never drive or walk across areas where water has gathered as you do not know what could be underneath, and prepare to head for high ground if necessary.
  • Never try to save your car in the midst of flooding.

In strong wind

  • Secure doors, windows and loose objects which could fall and cause harm or damage, stay away from trees, walls, buildings under construction and cranes which could be blown over. Never climb scaffolding in windy conditions without correct protective equipment.
  • While driving, take extreme care, especially when coming out of tunnels, overtaking or passing heavy vehicles going in the opposite direction. Pay attention and look out for obstacles on the road.


  1. I have driven on the N340 this morning from Fuengirola to Malaga Airport in heavy rain, the amount of drivers exceeding, what I consider to be a safe speed, and without lights, was crazy.


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