Dead cat floods Estepona massage parlour amid weather-related chaos

© Emergencias Estepona/Facebook
SINKHOLE: The damaged access road at Urb. Alcazaba Golf.

THE heavens opened over Estepona around 6am on Thursday, December 1, with the monsoon-like conditions provoking a number of incidents in the municipality, one of which caused a brief ripple of japery on social media.

The local fire brigade tweeted that it was en route to investigate a reported incident at a flooded “hotel,” with a red-faced officer later revealing that it was in fact a brothel and that they had wished to “appear politically correct.”

As the team worked to find the source of the swamping, they were left open-mouthed as they discovered that the body of a dead cat had blocked a water pipe, leading to a series of smutty tweets and comments by amused citizens.


Elsewhere, a stream named Arroyo Vaquero burst its banks near the Alcazaba Golf urbanisation, causing part of the access road, which is currently closed, to cave in.


  1. @ Roy:” …I am talking about fifty/sixty years ago….” – what is 50 years compared with thousand of years? or hundred of thousand…million of years??? Absolutely insignificant and it seems like nobody wants to mention that we are in one of the transi

  2. Its about time people started believing in Climate Change and what we are doing to our world. Atmospheric pollution is increasing steadily and no-one does anything about it.
    The majority of people just do not believe that it is happening, and yet they have no explanation for weather like this. It is time we cut back on carbon emissions and start to tackle the real problems. Science has warned us for years of what is happening to our climate but governments and the people do nothing to stop it.

  3. Perhaps John you should look at past weather patterns, and I am talking about fifty/sixty years ago. There was never anything like the weather we get today. We never got hurricanes or the like in Britain as we do now. Britain was always known for its mild climate, so what do you suppose is responsible for the major changes in weather today?

  4. There is absolutely no defence regarding the denying of climate change.If I may convey a small but very significant occurrence in the area between Manchester and London within the last 30 years…On trips to London from Manchester we would leave Manchester in late April/early May.None of the seasonal trees and shrubs would be in greenery or flower..However,as we approached London you noticed that many of the same trees and shrubs were well advanced in their greenery.It was very noticeable then.Ah,yes you might say ,but you were heading south,so you would expect a slight change.Ok.Now, in the last year’s if we left Manchester at exactly the same time of year,i.e.,late april/early May Virtually all the same trees/shrubs would be well into their greenery..This is due to one thing only.Climate Change..No Question,so you non believers, open your eyes to nature and see for yourselves.

  5. Climate change ……….. suggest you look at the programme that was screened once a few years ago on channel 4 UK that totally exposes the claims of “man made climate change”. Its called The Great Global Warming Swindle !! See the scientists who had their names put to this claim totally refute their “support” that the authorities published they had. Its explained exactly how this ludicrous “greenhouse effect” was put forward and also the political reasons why !!!! Its on u tube… the full movie. Its an hour or so long and it may change your view !!!! Watch it and dont be fooled ……..

  6. @ Mario, I have lived for more than seventy years and I have seen the changes in weather patterns during that time. I agree that 50 years is nothing compared to the time Earth has been around. Even so, the changes in weather patterns are distinctly eviden


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