Islamic extremist mole of Spanish origin unearthed in the German secret service

ALIAS: The suspect is accused of using an invented name during online chats.

GERMANY’S domestic security agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (BfV), has discovered a presumed Islamic extremist among its ranks. The man has been arrested and is accused of preparing for a terrorist attack.

The alleged mole is a 51-year-old male of Spanish origin. He has German citizenship and apparently converted to Islam about two years ago. 

Sources from the BfV have indicated that the man was originally contracted in April of this year. He was responsible for monitoring Islamic extremist circles but it has been revealed that he allegedly had the objective of infiltrating the German secret service with the aim of gathering information which he could later use to orchesrate an attack on the headquarters of the BfV, located in Cologne.


The man, who is married with four children, allegedly participated in various internet chats using an alias. He is accused of revealing highly classified information, although the authorities believe that the safety of BfV workers is not at risk. 

In one of the online chats, the man allegedly revealed that he was a secret service employee and said that he wanted to help more comrades infiltrate the organisation so that they could carry out an attack against the “infidels”. He was unaware that the person with whom he was speaking was in fact an informant from the BfV.

Sources from the German media have indicated that the man has confessed and that he has partially admitted to the accusations. Reports have also indicated that the man’s family was unaware that he had converted to Islam, something which apparently occurred following conversations he had over the phone with a fundamentalist Islamic preacher named Mohamed Mahmoud. Mahmoud is affiliated with Daesh and is currently stationed in Syria. 


  1. I find it very hard to believe that anybody can convert to islam and practice the religion for 2 years without their family knowing. If someone suddenly starts praying 5 times a day and eating a halal diet. no alcohol etc then that´s pretty hard to keep secret from your wife. If he wasnt doing these things then he isnt actually a muslim and more likely a misguided puppet


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