Daesh supporter arrested in Aranjuez by National Police

© Contando Estrelas flickr
National Police Vehicle.

A RECENTLY radicalised Moroccan Daesh supporter, described as a ‘lone wolf’ has been arrested in Aranjuez (Madrid) in a joint operation between officers of the National Police and the National Intelligence Service for crimes involving the promotion of terrorist ideals through the internet.

According to the authorities, this individual was particularly fanatic and praised the jihadists as well as Osama Bin Laden and the four terrorists who blew themselves up in Leganes in 2004 whilst killing an officer of the National Police.

This man appeared to have no fear of discovery and spent his time posting pro-Daesh propaganda and encouraging those who read his posts and viewed his videos to “move the war to the heart of the homes of the West.”


It was generally believed that apart from being a major promoter of propaganda that he had the potential to become active by attacking a civilian target within Spain so the decision was made to arrest him as part of the Spanish governments ongoing fight against internal Daesh activity.


  1. I think the only propaganda being spread is what the government of this country (along with others) churns out. Never get to see these criminals or their names – which really begs the question: are they real or just made up…?


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