Algerian crime gang busted in Alicante

© National Police
Some of the recovered goods.

NINE Algerians, seven men and two women aged between 20 and 56 have been arrested in Alicante by officers of the National Police, accused of a large number of burglaries which saw the theft of cash, jewellery and even cars.

The operation first brought the possibility of the existence of this gang to light in August of this year when officers were investigating a violent assault in the streets of Alicante by an individual who was wanted for a number of assaults and was trying to escape to the French city of Toulouse.

Following this individual’s arrest, the officers discovered that he was part of an organisation which had been involved in burglaries and even illegal detention in both France and Spain.


As the officers expanded their investigation they became aware of a group of people who worked together to identify likely houses to burgle whilst others actually committed the break-ins, another part of the group was in charge of keeping a look out for police activity and yet another group sold the proceeds.

It transpired that many of the items stolen were taken by ferry from Alicante to Oran in Algeria and disposed of there. 

Once the officers had completed their case, they raided three houses in Alicante discovering four stolen vehicles, watches and jewellery as well as a number of ‘tools of the burglars trade’ with eight being arrested in Alicante and one in Barcelona.

Having found that many of the arrested had fake French identification, the National Police eventually identified them all and calculated that between them they had been arrested some 200 times in the past and having closed the gang down, they believe that they have solved at least 30 crimes.


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