Man arrested for starting 11 fires in Malaga City

© Real Cuerpo de Bomberos de Malaga
FATAL EXPLOSION: A 69-year-old and her dog have been killed in the blaze. CREDIT: Real Cuerpo de Bomberos

THE Ministry of the Interior has announced that following collaboration between the National Police and the Local Police of Malaga a 43-year-old man has been arrested in Malaga City accused of starting no less than 10 fires in rubbish bins as well as a vehicle between November 13 and November 20.

The investigation began on Sunday November 13 following fires in four street containers to the east of Malaga, in Playa Virginia and El Candado urbanisation. Two days later there was the burning of another rubbish bin and a vehicle that was parked next to it.

Then on November 20 in broad daylight, another four fires were discovered at almost the same time in the area of ​​El Palo.


A profile of the likely culprit was established with the conclusion that the pyromaniac was likely to be a solo middle aged man who would hang around after the fires were started to see the fire brigade in action and he might even alert the emergency services to the fires once he had started them.

After the National Police alerted their Local colleagues to the profile, it became apparent that there was a man seen in the vicinity of the fires and he was then arrested on suspicion of serial arson.


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