Suspected terrorist removed from aircraft at Madrid Airport

Guardia Civil
The man being removed from the aircraft

AS PART of an investigation that was opened in 2014, officers of the Guardia Civil working in cooperation with colleagues in Las Palmas have arrested a Palestinian male with Spanish citizenship at Madrid airport as he was sent back by plane from Jordan whilst trying to make his way to Syria to join Daesh.

The man has been suspected of terrorist sympathies for some time and had been arrested in Turkey and returned to Spain earlier this year and now he had made a second trip to try to join the terrorist group.

Officers of the Guardia Civil removed him from the aircraft as it touched down in Madrid on Sunday November 27 and officers in Las Palmas simultaneously entered his home in Vecindario to find evidence not only of his Syrian contacts but to see whether they can find any direct links with other Daesh supporters in Spain.



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