Not third time in a row for Lewis Hamilton as he wins in Abu Dhabi

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Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi

HAVING started the 2016 season fairly tamely, three time Formula 1 champion Britain’s Lewis Hamilton turned up the pressure in the second half of the season to try to wrench his third title in a row from team mate, the German Nico Rosberg, who at one time seemed to be streaking ahead of all competition.

It all boiled down to the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi on November 27 with Hamilton starting in pole position, desperate to pip Rosberg at the post (or at least make sure that he finished far enough down the leader board to allow Hamilton to overtake him) but it wasn’t to be.

Hamilton led from the start and kept there but Rosberg was being chased by a pack of drivers, most notably fellow German Sebastian Vettel and it seemed that Hamilton was trying to help the other drivers get the better of Rosberg.


Even when his team technical director told him to speed up after complaints over the radio from Rosberg, he simply replied that he was in the lead and happy with his position.

At the end of the race, Rosberg finished in second place behind Hamilton and won his first ever Formula 1 title whilst Mercedes won the team trophy by a mile. Despite all that happened in the race, Hamilton did congratulate Rosberg and the two hugged without either attempting to stab the other in the back.

Until now, only one father and son had both won Formula 1 titles (Graham and Damon Hill) but now there is a second pair Nico and Keke Rosberg who won in 1982.


  1. If Lewis had not had the mechanical failures this year he would have won the championship easily. Rosberg was lucky that they swopped pit crews at the beginning of the year for I am sure that had a major impact. He has nowhere near the talent of Lewis.
    This idea of punishing Lewis for slowing down is a travesty, for when you race you win the championship any way you can.


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