Brought down to earth when heels removed from shoes

National Police
One of the shoes and money found

OFFICERS of the National Police based at Madrid airport thought that a Dutch woman who had arrived from Brussels en route to Medellin in Colombia was acting suspiciously and decided to give her a thorough going over to see whether she was in the process of committing any offence.

After discovering €5,950 in large notes in her purse, they went through her luggage and then put it through a scanner where they made an interesting discovery. The x-ray showed that her two pairs of wedge heeled shoes had secret compartments built into the wedges and the officers could see that they contained something.

When they broke open the heels, they discovered that each shoe contained €45,000 in €500 notes, making a total of €180,000 which she was trying to smuggle into drug rich Colombia either to pay for a shipment or as part of a money laundering operation and the woman was detained for illegal transportation of undeclared money.


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