Wheels come off for devious thieves

STEALER'S WHEELS: now behind bars.

THREE young men, with ages between 24 and 27, have been arrested by National Police officers in Orihuela for allegedly stealing the wheels off of various cars.

The investigation initially began in October when several people came forward to report thefts of a similar nature. They had left their vehicles in private parking garages, but upon return had discovered that the wheels had been removed.

Over the course of the investigation, the police officers were able to determine that the perpetrators of the crimes were members of a criminal group which specialised in these types of thefts. The officers were eventually able to track down and arrest the three individuals for their presumed involvement in the crimes.


An official press release from the police has indicated that the three arrested men were allegedly assigned different tasks during the commissions of the crimes, which were typically carried out during the night, and that they always left the scene in the same vehicle. The suspected ringleader has an extensive police record for thefts of a similar nature.


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