Two of a kind

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Wrong turning

THE media’s favourite pastime is pointing out the similarities between the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, and America’s president-elect Donald Trump.

Both have amazing hair although Iglesias has too much and Trump not enough.

Both are preening ego-trippers. Both subscribe to the populist approach of telling voters that the populace are poor and innocent, the elite are rich and corrupt but they can reverse this situation with their votes.


There is one huge difference. Iglesias has implied that he would prefer to instil fear and that’s the point where he and Trump part company, because the president elect already does.

Foul weather friends

MARIANO RAJOY insisted that pushing through the Budget is his only concern and he has no Plan B involving a third election.

This would be disastrous for the fragmented PSOE socialists but not the Partido Popular or Podemos which the polls now put in second place. Nonetheless Rajoy was adamant that the election rumours were unfounded and that his minority government would seek parliamentary support “from different political forces.”

Most will turn Rajoy down. The Catalans shored up the PP in the past but won’t now thanks to his cack-handed treatment of the separatists although he might have better luck with the Basques.

For four years Rajoy made only enemies, knowing that his comfortable parliamentary majority meant he needed no allies. Now he needs real friends and they are nowhere to be seen.

Wait and see

JOSE MANUEL MAZA is Spain’s new Fiscal General, equivalent to the Attorney General.

He is conservative with a small C as would be expected of a Rajoy appointment and voted against acquitting judge Baltasar Garzon when he stood trial for investigating crimes committed during the Franco era.

In Maza’s favour he also voted against the decision not to prosecute another judge, Carlos Divar, for using public money for his pleasure jaunts, hotels and lavish meals.

Is it too much to hope that, conservative with a small C or not, Maza will be impartial and neutral?


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