Hooded killer breaks into care home for retired missionaries

Mlc flickr
French gendarmerie

AN unidentified hooded man broke into a retirement home for former missionaries who had worked in Africa armed with a sawn-off shotgun and a knife on the evening of November 24 and proceeded to tie up and then kill a local care worker who was on site in the home in Montferrier-sur-Lez near the city of Montpellier in Southern France.

The man then fled the building and French police were soon on the scene backed up by a helicopter to search for the assailant whose motives were unknown, although there is some speculation that his actions may have been terrorist inspired.

With sixty plus very elderly residents in the care home, the individual could have committed a far worse atrocity than the killing of this single person and it is not known why he left after just one murder.


France continues to be under a state of emergency and the authorities are doing all that they can to try to identify the killer and his motives.


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