Burning question of bou embolat

BOU EMBOLAT: Increasingly criticised.

WILL Pedreguer join Ondara, Javea and Benitachell in banning Bou Embolat and Bou Encaixonat?

The local town hall plans to ask residents to vote next month and decide whether baiting bulls with burning brands attached to their horns should feature in local fiestas. Likewise they will be asked whether they want to continue running a bull that has previously been cooped up in a small, dark container.

Bull-running is said to be more popular in Pedreguer than any other town in theValencian Community with 18 organised events this year and 20 in 2016. There no mention of an overall ban on bull-running but there is a growing feeling that the animals suffer in the Embolat and Encaixonat versions .


Rather than imposing a ban as happened in Javea, Pedreguer town hall has preferred to leave it to the local population to decide although this move prompted criticism from the Opposition.

The ballot is not a response to a formal request from residents but an initiative by the Compromis-controlled town hall, the Partido Popular objected.

“Both of these events are part of Pedreguer’s popular culture and fiestas,” the party claimed. If the town hall wanted a referendum it should take on board “all the consequences” and ask whether bull-running should be entirely eradicated, a spokesperson suggested.


  1. This is despicable torture of animals and should be stopped immediately. Why the Spanish torture bulls is to me disgusting, and I think it should be banned throughout Spain. Why the Animal Rights groups do not take action against this torture and killing of bulls I really don’t know.


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