Arsonist has goose cooked in Malaga


MALAGA police have arrested a 22-year-old man who allegedly set two fires within the space of a few minutes of each other.

The premature pyromaniac first set a hundred old car tyres which were stacked next to an auto-parts recycling firm ablaze, before moving over to a nearby park where he torched a parked moped.

Despite witnesses confirming that he was responsible for the twin infernos, the visibly nervous guilty party attempted to claim that he had called emergency services to report the incidents, before changing his story and contending that he had asked a passer-by to call.


As firefighters tackled the burning tyres in the background, the arsonist’s culpability became ever-more apparent, as officers noticed that his hands were covered in black ash, and he had two cigarette lighters in his pocket.

Once the second fire had been extinguished, it transpired that the owner of the auto-parts company had previously denounced the incendiarist for stealing from one of his children, with the protagonist subsequently threatening to end his life and raze his business to the ground.


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