Student missing after attacking teacher


THE authorities have yet to find a student who attacked a teacher at Almeria City’s Galileo secondary school in Pescaderia district last week before disappearing.

Members of the school community reported that the second year student punched his French teacher in the face after insulting and trying to embarrass her when she told him off for his behaviour.

The victim, who has lodged a report with the National Police providing medical reports as evidence, returned to her post two days after the incident and was warmly received by her fellow teachers.


Meanwhile the whereabouts of the youngster remain unknown and his 29-day expulsion, the longest allowed by the educational authority, has yet to be acknowledged by the family. 

Although the teacher has refused to speak of the incident in an attempt to return to normality and avoid the situation worsening, her colleagues have spoken out on their concern at the violence and bad behaviour at the centre and are calling for more security and stricter measures.

The attack came just weeks after a student at Rio Andarax secondary school, also in the city, was stabbed by a younger teenager.



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