Begging with pets to be allowed

© Franco Folini - Flickr

ALICANTE’S Department of Animal Protection will allow begging on the streets with pets, if they meet all health and legal requirements.

Councillor Marisol Moreno said this was one of the “most controversial” points of the new Municipal Animal ordinance. The Councillor said they disagreed on a total ban of begging with animals as it was difficult to distinguish between the homeless who used animals “to get more money” and those who simply wanted to be with their pets. Moreno also noted that unsurprisingly many of these homeless people do not go to the CAI Reception and Integration Centre because it does not allow animals so the council is also studying the possibility of placing cages or kennels outside the centre so more homeless will feel able to use it.

Moreno also said that the council intends to carry out a vaccination campaign and implementation of free chips aimed at homeless pets so they can be correctly registered and identified.


Next year the Department of Animal Protection will have an increased budget of €200,000 to help carry out such projects.


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