Puppy is covered in mud and glue and left for dead by children in Turkey


A TINY puppy was slathered in glue and dragged through the mud before being left for dead on an industrial estate in Istanbul, Turkey.

The little pooch, named Pascal, was apparently attacked and then abandoned by a group of children. When he was found by veterinarians, he was so thoroughly caked in mud and glue that the substances had hardened and made the dog look like a statue.

The majority of Pascal’s body was covered in this hard coating. The effect was extremely painful for the little dog and he had difficulty walking. Additionally, the crust formed by the glue impeded the flow of blood to some parts of his body, and severely damaged his skin, which absorbed the toxic chemicals from the substance.


Activists from the Turkish Foundation He’Art of Rescue have been put in charge of Pascal, and to raise awareness of his case and ask for donations for his treatment, the association has published various videos of his slow recovery. 


When veterinarians first went to help Pascal, he was often nervous and skittish and tended to hide away from people. The vets initially worried that the dog would be traumatised for a long time as a result of the ordeal that he had suffered.

Fortunately, a month onwards, Pascal has made a tremendous recovery and is unrecognisable compared to how he looked when he was rescued, although veterinarians say that he is still very weak and has a long road ahead of him before he is back to his old self again.


© He’Art of Rescue


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