Dangerous group of violent Iranian robbers arrested in Benidorm

© Guardia Civil
Some of the seized goods.

ACTING jointly, officers from the Guardia Civil and National Police have arrested nine related Iranians (four women and five men) in Benidorm who have been stealing goods, mainly from tourists, whilst masquerading as police officers.

Working in pairs, with blue led lights placed in their cars, they targeted tourists in a range of towns in Costa Blanca, stopping them, frisking them and then often beating them up before stealing their valuables.

They only targeted any particular area for a few days and changed cars on a regular basis in order to escape detection, but in the end the combined police forces found them in two properties in Benidorm where they were arrested.


Large amounts of cash and other valuables including watches and jewellery were discovered during the raids as well as three vehicles and now officers are attempting to find the victims of at least 15 robberies with violence. 

The gang will be charged with belonging to a criminal group, holding false documents, robbery with violence, money laundering and in at least four cases, illegal entry into Spain with at least four detained in prison under instruction from the court in Denia.



  1. How can nine or ten iranians who are not in the EU cross borders and engage in criminal activities without some border officials or police pick them up and refuse entry or deport them immediately? They must live somewhere where they can be found. No wonder people are becoming concerned about illegal immigration and criminal activities by people who have legal right to be in Spain or in the EU and are turning to extemist or populist parties..

  2. You are only now asking the same questions as many in the U.K. Asked years ago. Why do you think we voted for Brexit? There just doesn’t seem to be the will to tackle the problem, or even acceptance that there is one.

  3. They were Romanians Not Iranians, this Mr. John Smith makes these mistakes always with peple’s nationalities which is not very professional reporting !

  4. Peter,
    The following is part of the original press release from the Guardia Civil which specifically refers to the nationality of those who were arrested and it clearly states that they were of Iranian Nationality. I guess that we can all make mistakes sometimes, but one assumes that the Guardia Civil release would be correct..ORIGINAL TEXTLa Guardia Civil y la Policía Nacional en el marco de la operación Renacidos-Venus II, han detenido en Benidorm a 9 personas de un clan familiar (4 mujeres y 5 hombres de nacionalidad iraní), todos ellos miembros de una organización criminal, a los que se les atribuye la comisión de al menos 15 delitos de robo con fuerza e intimidación y 3 en grado de tentativa así como los delitos de usurpación de funciones, pertenencia a grupo criminal, falsificación de documentos, desobediencia grave y blanqueo de capitales, comprobando además que cuatro de ellos se encontraban en situación irregular en España.


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