Aquatic therapy for brittle bone baby

SEASON TICKET: Toni Colomer, Laura Goberna and Jose Chulvi.

OLAYA, who is four months old and lives in Javea, was born with brittle bone disease.

Formally known as osteogenesis imperfect (OI) this is a genetic condition caused through lack of collagen where bones break easily, often for no apparent reason.

Olaya has already suffered several fractures in her short life and needs special treatment and therapy, all of which are expensive, but crucial for her health.  


Olaya’s parents now have a season ticket for Benitachell’s swimming pool where she can receive the aquatic therapy that doctors say will strengthen her fragile bones.


Aquatic therapy: Unlimited admittance to Benitachell pool for Olaya.

Benitachell’s Sports councillor Toni Colomer recently presented the season ticket to Olaya’s mother who was accompanied by Javea’s mayor Jose Chulvi.

“Everybody is showing support for Olaya and Benitachell also wants to contribute towards helping her.  We know how important rehabilitation is for her condition,” Colomer said.

Olaya’s mother Laura Goberna thanked both municipalities for support that the baby and her family are receiving.  “The two mayors have demonstrated their concern and assured Laura that they will do everything possible to help Olaya,” said a statement from Javea town hall.


  1. Hi,
    I am 66 year old expat who has retired to Spain and like Olaya I too was born with osteogenesis imperfect or Brittle bones, depending on the severity of the disease I am able share some of the highs and some of the pitfalls of having the disease so if you would like to put me in touch with Olaya’s mother or father I would like to meet up and perhaps share some experiences of growing up with this disease and therefore explain to them that she can have a full and wonderful life if they and she follow some simple advice.


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