Swanning around on the marsh

Bird Flu Wipes Out Sixty Swans In England
Bird Flu Wipes Out Sixty Swans In England Image: File Photo, EWN

TWO days after invasive non-native water plants were removed, swans returned to the River Racons inside the Pego-Oliva marsh.

“We’ve more than enough, what with exotic plants, blue crabs and cannibal turtles,” commented Pego’s Agriculture councillor Andru Dominguis.  “So the return of the swans is heartening,” he said.

The Racons, which together with the Bullent feeds the marsh, was cleared to eliminate the invasive water primroses that practically covered it in recent months.  Fish were dying owing to lack of oxygen in the clogged water and waterfowl had deserted this part of the marsh.


Removing the plants was funded by Pego Council and the local Fishing Club while the Generalitat’s Environment department assigned the Marsh Brigade to do the work.


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